GCLs are increasingly being used as the sole hydraulic barrier for landfill caps in preference to geomembrane and compacted clay. They have good slope stability characteristics and do not require geotextile protection. They can be installed in less than perfect ground and weather conditions and often do not require the preparation of special subgrade and cover soils. GCLs are resistant to freeze/thaw, desiccation/rewetting and differential settlement, all of which can damage traditional compacted clay iners.

  • Resistant to freeze / thaw and desiccation / rewetting
  • Good slope stability characteristics
  • Good differential settlement characteristics
  • Ease of installation in less favourable weather and ground conditions
  • Self-sealing if punctured
  • No welding required

Landfill Caps

Good slope stability and does not require geotextile protection or subgrade preparation.
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