Due to their ease of installation, flexibility and reasonable cost, CETCO GCLs are an ideal choice for secondary containment around fuel storage tanks.


The large amount of detail work and penetrations typically found at such sites are easily and cost effectively sealed against using GCLs and accessory bentonite or bentonite mastic. GCLs are compatible with the cathodic protection systems used on modern storage tanks.

  • Used in place of compacted clay or geomembranes for tank farm secondary containment
  • Detail work and pipe penetrations easily sealed using bentonite paste 
  • GCL's are compatible with cathodic protection systems
  • Ease of installation in less favourable weather and ground conditions
  • Self sealing if punctured
  • No welding required

Secondary Containment

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
50,000 m2 BENTOMAT SS100
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